Earnet NFT Pre-sale

To reward early supporters of Earnet, we are excited to introduce a structured pre-sale of our
NFT collection. This pre-sale offers the opportunity to become part of the Earnet community at a
preferential rate, with a limited number of NFTs available in each round.

Round 1

Up to 3,000 NFTs
at $50 each

Early-bird access and special rewards for the first adopters

Round 2

Up to 5,000 NFTs
at $60 each

Continued access at a privileged rate

Round 3

Up to 7,000 NFTs
at $70 each

Broadening the community reach

Round 4

Up to 10,000 NFTs
at $80 each each

Final chance to be part of the pre-sale phase

Each round will transition to the next upon the sell-out of the current round or after a set period, ensuring a fair and structured distribution.

EARNET’s AI-Powered
Refer-and-Earn Program

After buying an NFT, users are placed in Our unique AI powered refer-and-earn program which ensures that every NFT buyer, active or passive,
can make their NFT investment not just rewarding, but potentially cost-free. With Earnet, you're not just buying an NFT; you're investing in a
community where each member's success contributes to the collective prosperity.

Discover how the Future of Referral Programs can Transform Your Experience

The Earnet NFT Collection

Earnet’s NFT collection, a unique fusion of art and technology, comprises 10,000 AI-powered NFTs, each with its own level of rarity. Each NFT represents a stake in the Earnet ecosystem, and their stunning visuals, created by AI, ensure their uniqueness and collectible value. The idea behind NFT of earnet is an AI powered robot who is a part of Earnet community and is earning seamlessly.

Pricing and

To foster a vibrant and inclusive community, we set an approachable starting point of $50 for the base entry level. This low entry point ensures that individuals from all walks of life can own an NFT and participate.


One of most exciting aspects of owning an Earnet NFT is the access it grants you to multiple income streams. As soon as a user purchases NFT, they are placed under an AI based refer and earn which is an innovative scheme,

Earnet Coin

As an NFT owner, you are eligible for future airdrops of the Earnet coin. Airdrops are a method of distributing new tokens to the existing holders of a particular blockchain currency. So, when Earnet launches its own coin,

Governance Rights
& Community Membership

Your ownership of an Earnet NFT grants you a unique privilege – a say in the future of Earnet. You can participate in platform decisions and help shape the direction of our community as a stake holder.

Liquidity and Value

Earnet NFTs are not just digital art; they are assets with real value. While our platform remains the exclusive marketplace for our unique NFTs, after all NFTs are sold, they will be listed on OpenSea,



NFT Sale

The first significant milestone on Earnet's roadmap is the sale of our unique NFT collection directly on our platform. These NFTs, crafted using cutting-edge AI algorithms, represent one-of-a-kind digital assets that are poised to revolutionize the digital art market. We have a limited supply of 10,000 NFT’s to be sold. Earnet will host the NFT sale directly on our platform, ensuring accessibility to our investors.


Listing on OpenSea

Once all NFTs are successfully sold, we will proceed to list them on OpenSea with a view towards opening up a secondary market for our NFTs, thereby offering investors opportunities for trading and potential profit generation. After launching on OpenSea, the new users who wish to be a part of the community, has to buy NFT from previous users and that too from OpenSea itself. This will ensure the liquidity and incremental pricing of out NFT.


Launch of Own Coin

The subsequent major step in our roadmap involves the introduction of our proprietary cryptocurrency coin. The process of minting and listing our coin on reputable no less than three cryptocurrency exchanges will be executed meticulously, adhering to established regulatory guidelines and industry best practices. This signifies our commitment to legal compliance and the creation of a transparent and secure cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our coin will play a pivotal role in facilitating seamless transactions on the Earnet platform and will also serve as a reward mechanism for our valued investors.


Decentralized Exchange Launch

The upcoming part of our roadmap includes launching of our own Decentralized Exchange platform which will be announced seperately. Our Dex exchange will involve trading of top crypto coins, peer to peer in a non-custodil manner without the need of an intermediary to facilitate transfer and custody of funds. Our DEX platform will offer complete transparency where users can connect their wallet and trade.


Total supply
21 Million

Founding Team - 2.1 Million (10%)

NFT holders - 2.1 Million (10%)

Private Sale - 2.1 Million (10%)

Public Sale - 4.2 Million (20%)

Research & Development - 2.1 Million (10%)

Marketing & Partnership - 2.1 Million (10%)

Liquidity – 3.15 Million (15%)

Airdrop - 1.05 Million (5%)

Staking - 2.1 Million (10%)

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Earnet is an innovative platform at the forefront of the blockchain revolution, with a focus on AI-powered NFTs and unique referral programs. Our vision is to harness the power of blockchain technology and AI to create a thriving ecosystem as we bring together expertise in blockchain technology, AI, and marketing. This collective knowledge has allowed us to create a unique platform that leverages AI-powered NFTs to redefine the blockchain landscape.

We have developed a unique AI powered referral program designed to foster a vibrant community of users, all while ensuring the highest standards of security and transparency so that the users purchasing the NFT’s are rewarded seamlessly.

We offer more than just a platform; we offer a promise – a promise of security, transparency, and a brighter tomorrow. Your journey into the future of blockchain starts here! The revolution in wealth creation is upon us, fueled by AI-powered NFTs and a supportive network of like-minded individuals. Earnet is that platform, a portal to your financial future, a launchpad for your ambitions, and a community where success multiplies with each connection.

Are you

A tech visionary

Eager to spearhead the future of NFTs and transform the financial landscape? Join the waitlist to be among the inaugural pioneers of Earnet, shaping the platform in collaboration with our dedicated team.

A passive income

Enthusiast looking to secure consistent earnings and unlock financial independence? Reserve your early-bird NFT with exclusive pre-sale benefits and watch your stable income stream flourish.

An artistic innovator

with a passion for expressing your creativity and making your mark on the world? Unleash your talent in a community where art intersects with technology. Join the Earnet collective, where your vision contributes to the construction of a thriving ecosystem of possibilities.

No matter your aspirations, Earnet has a place for you. We provide support, knowledge, and
a network of fellow Earnet entrepreneurs ready to collaborate, share strategies, and celebrate each other’s triumphs.
So, take the first step. Claim your NFT, join the community, and embark on your Earning adventure.