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EARNET is an innovative platform for internet advertisement.
By using EARNET, existing issues in performance marketing can be solved by next generation technology such as blockchain and AI.

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Technology to Support EARNET

  • Blockchain

    Various performance-related factors are recorded on our blockchain. (i.e. consumer actions, dates of actions, transaction results and reasons for results, etc.) so that we can provide transparency in the marketplace.

  • AI

    We will develop AI technology to automate and simplify the action approval process.
    By utilizing our AI, phone conversation analysis and location-based service can be used throughout the action approval process, resulting in the creation of a variety of new performance measurements.

Known Issues Current System

  • Low Transparency

    Low Transparency

    Action approvals are NOT transparent at present because of human bias.

  • High Margins

    High Margins

    Exploitative practices by intermediaries have been, and are still, a persistent problem.

  • Slow Payment

    Slow Payment

    The cash conversion cycle is too time-consuming. Additionally, minimum charges can create problems for media.

Solution EARNET Solution

  • 1High Transparency

    Various performance-related factors are recorded on our blockchain as unchangeable data in order to bring about transparency in the marketplace. For performances formerly judged by human (i.e. phone conversation and store traffic), the action approval process will be automated by our AI and location-based service analysis.

    High Transparency

  • 2Low Margins

    In the existing performance marketing, there are Publishers (including individuals), Merchants, and intermediaries (ASPs) that connects them. Although some mediating process is necessary, EARNET will reduce the intermediate fee as much as possible by automating the action approval process and payment through the use of AI and smart contracts (SCs).

    Low Margins

  • 3Fast Payment

    The complicated triangle relationship between Merchants, ASPs, and Publishers cause reward payment cycle to get delayed. Also, due to the minimum payment threshold, small media and individual bloggers are often unable to receive reward. On EARNET, rewards are paid in tokens on the spot when the action gets approved, so the only transaction time it requires is the data transfer time between wallets.

    Fast Payment



EARNET is a platform for decentralized advertisement marketing, in which Merchants and Media Publishers can connect directly without intermediaries.

  • (1) Media publishers can select the product and service advertisements from
    Merchants that they wish to promote on their sites and blogs from Merchants.
  • (2) Consumers view ads published by Media.
  • (3) Consumers perform an action set.
    (i.e. purchasing services and products, applying for membership, etc.)
  • (4) EARNET tokens are paid to Publishers from Merchants as Consumers' actions are approved.

Quality Controller: Gains EARNET tokens as rewards for controlling quality across the platform.
(i.e., reviewing advertisement quality.)


  • Yoshihiro Horiguchi

    Yoshihiro Horiguchi CEO

  • Norito Higa

    Norito Higa CTO

  • Daiki Masumura

    Daiki Masumura CMO

  • Ryuta Endo

    Ryuta Endo COO

  • Kazumitsu Minato

    Kazumitsu MinatoBlockchain Engineer

  • Jun Kanai

    Jun KanaiFront-end Engineer

  • Yuko Watanabe

    Yuko WatanabeDesigner

  • Kei Yamamura

    Kei YamamuraTechnical Manager


Road Map


2018 4Q

EARNET alpha release


2019 2Q

EARNET beta release

2019 4Q

EARNET, AI alpha, and GPS Tracking functionality release


2020 1Q

AI and GPS Tracking functionality update


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