We will distribute 100 ERN per user. Meanwhile, we will also to hold the Referral campaign.

One user can receive 100 ERN per introduction, so we’d like see that everyone could spread us.

AirDrop does in EARNET Airdrop Bot in Telegram.


about EARNET Project

EARNET is an innovative platform for internet advertisement. By using EARNET, existing issues in performance marketing can be solved by next generation technology such as blockchain and AI.

Essential Things For Attending the Campaign

For receiving the free token, it’s not difficult to attend the campaign.

In order to receive the free token, please prepare ETH Address, Telegram, Twitter and any other SNS account.

1.ETH Adress

EARNET token is the ETH token which is based on ERC20, you’d better prepare the ETH Address which is corresponding to ERC20.

However, because of the address of Exchange is unusable, so you’d better use the following services for getting ETH Address.

You are able to use the One of “MetaMask”, “MyEtherWallet”, “MyCrypto” to get ETH Address account.


“MetaMask” is an extension that can easily generate ETH addresses and send out transactions by installing it on Chrome or Firefox browsers. Actually we recommend it firstly.

Because Private Key is different from “MyEtherWallet” and “MyCrypto”, it is not necessary to be sent on the Internet and it is high security. It is useful because it also detects ICO and AirDrop phishing scams.(Actually, it is necessary to strictly manage the password of MetaMask by itself.)

According to how to use Metamask, please refer to this article.

How to use MetaMask | CryptoCompare.com


“MyEtherWallet” and “MyCrypto” are open source interfaces that can generate ETH addresses and transmit transactions on the web and locally. Because of both of them split in February 2018, they are almost the same.

Because it is extremely dangerous to transmit Private Key on the Internet, in order to emphasis security, you’d better download the source, and generate ETH addresses locally.

How To Run MyEtherWallet Offline and Locally · Offline | MyEtherWallet Help & Support

2.Account of Telegram

EARNET is using the telegram to carry out the AirDrop Campaign, so please prepare the account of telegram. Not only the native apply od every OS, but also has Web version. For registration, SMS authentication is necessary.

3.Account of Twitter

As the condition for receiving ERN token on AirDrop, Please follow our Twitter’s account.

If you have not the account, Please generate it.

4.Medium’s Account

As the condition for receiving ERN token on AirDrop, Please follow our Medium’s account.

If you have not the account, Please generate it.

AirDrop Requirements

Only thing you need to do is start the Telegram bot and follow the instructions.

1.Start the our Telegram bot (https://t.me/EARNETAirdropBot)

and then, follow the instructions below.
2. Join our Telegram group. https://t.me/earnet_io
3. Enter your email address.
4. Enter your ETH address.
5. Follow our Twitter. (optional) https://twitter.com/earnet_io
6. Follow our Medium. (optional) https://medium.com/@earnet

We Are Looking Forward to your Attending.